It's never too early to start investing. Investing is the smartest way to secure a financial future and to make your capital produce more money for you. Contrary to what one might think, investing is not just for those with large amounts of money; you can start to invest even with small amounts. By defining a program and familiarizing yourself with the tools available, you can quickly learn how to do it. You will need to read and learn about the basics of the actions and about the commodities market for example, Speaking of stocks and other assets, your goal is to buy at a reduced price and then resell at a high price. You can also Invest in companies you know as it will be much easier to understand the business model and predict future successes. In order to reduce risk, it is also important to diversify your investment portfolio. Starting to invest, however, I think is the best strategy to get rich in the long run. aleksandrija, Ukraine … raine.html