My problem with the 730 v2 has to do with the upper. When I first took the shoes out of the box I was immediately worried about the upper material – it had that cheap feel that some of the new synthetic meshes used in shoe uppers tend to have. I was concerned Nike Air Max 1 Womens about possible tearing with repeated wear. Now, my shoes have not torn in a way that makes them non-functional, nor would most people even Nike Air Vapormax Mujer notice the issues on my pair. But, I’ve been hyper-vigilant given my initial concerns, and I’m seeing a few problem spots.First, there are small tears developing on the medial forefoot, just above where the upper meets the shoe on both sides. In the top image below, it appears right above one of the flex grooves in the sole. In the lower image Nike Air Vapormax Femme it’s a bit harder to see and is located a bit further back toward the arch:Neither of those tears compromise shoe function in any way, but they scare me since what starts as a small tear might become something more. And I’ve only run 35 miles in these. It’s quite possible that the mini-tears might not progress at all, but I thought it prudent to mention the issue in a review.The other problem spot is on the left outer forefoot, and appears to be a location where the upper puckers/flexes Adidas NMD Mujer during toe-off. It’s only on one side though.In an attempt to determine if others have reported tearing issues, I combed through the reviews on Amazon and Zappos and didn’t see a lot of mentions of the problem. Most people who did not like the shoes complained about the lack of support and the thin, firm sole (do your research people, the shoe Nike Air VaporMax Damen is intended to be like that!). A few people did mention upper tearing or the shoe falling apart, but it was by no means widespread (but a lot of the reviewers on those sites are probably not running in the shoes).New Balance has come so close to producing a great shoe at a low price, and simply using a more durable upper mesh would make this a top recommendation for minimalists. I’m just not sure I can recommend it strongly without knowledge of how the upper issues will progress (if Nike Air Max 90 Dames Roze you have used these and can report either way, please do so in the comments!).I’d conclude that this is a case of buyer beware. The 730 v2 is not a huge investment, and if you buy them and they fall apart with minimal mileage I’m sure the retailer or New Balance would exchange you a new pair if you contact customer service, thus further reducing risk. Nike Air Huarache Womens It’s also possible that my issues are unique to my stride or that the upper will hold up just fine with continued use (i.e., the small tears are just a cosmetic issue). I do wish New Balance would invest more time in quality control and durability of their minimal models, I’ve had too many hiccups with their shoes and it’s for that reason that I totally passed on the Hi-Rez (which would normally be a shoe I’d like to try). I love the fact that they support the minimal-leaning Adidas ZX 700 Femme consumer, I just need to know the product being produced is going to hold up over the long-term.