The first time I ran in the EM Road N1 my sense was that I wasn’t going to like it. It felt really firm, almost harsh underfoot. But with each subsequent run the shoe started to grow on me. It’s gotten to the point where I really want to pull this shoe out for each run that I go on. I’ve put about 50 miles on Nike Air Max 97 Damen them so far, and it’s definitely one of those shoes that would have gotten a very different review had I not given it more than just a few runs. I don’t know if the shoe has broken in a bit (perhaps the insole has?), or if I’ve just adjusted my stride to running in it, but smooth is really Nike Air Max 90 Mujer the word that best describes the ride. I’m very impressed.As always, I’m limited in my ability to comment on durability given that I typically review shoes after 30-50 miles (it’s tradeoff to reviewing a lot of shoes myself – can’t get a ton of miles on each). You can see abrasion from the lateral heel to the midfoot on my pair (I probably land variably along this region), and under the center of the forefoot. There is a lot of exposed midsole on this shoe so if you tend to wear down exposed EVA quickly that might be a concern. Comments on Nike Air Max 2017 Mujer durability are welcome from those with more miles on these shoes!The upper of the EM Road N1 is fantastic. The forefoot is composed of a woven mesh that has some give to it – I can stretch it when I push my big toe up or out, which is something I always like in a shoe. Internally there is a liner Adidas Superstar Mujer that is super soft against the skin – very comfortable! The ankle cuff is well-padded and is lined by a smooth, soft material. The seam between the ankle cuff and forefoot is taped to reduce friction, though it seems to be peeling up a bit on the forefoot Nike Air Force 1 Mujer side. I like the concept, but a better adhesive mechanism is needed. Don’t think I’ve run in them sockless, but see no reason why I couldn’t.
The upper has minimal structural components – stability is provided solely by thin welded overlays, and the heel counter is much reduced compared to more traditional shoes – it extends maybe only an inch or so above the sole.The fit is perfect on my average width foot. It hugs well through the heel and midfoot, and the forefoot, though not super wide, is plenty accommodating for my foot. The stretchy upper material in the forefoot definitely Nike Air Max 270 Dames helps. I find these to be incredibly comfortable shoes.As I’ve mentioned a few times, this Pearl Izumi EM Road N1 is an incredibly smooth ride, but it may take a bit of breaking in to get a feel for it. I’m not sure how long my longest run has been Nike Air Max 95 Womens in them, but I’d not hesitate to consider them for distances as long as a marathon. I’ve used them for a variety of workouts (easy runs to hill repeats) and on both asphalt and dirt roads (no trails). Performance has been good in all situations. They are a reasonably firm shoe, so responsiveness Nike Air Vapormax Mens is also good enough for racing. If’ you’re in the market for a shoe that feels just a bit different than your typical trainer and offers an incredibly smooth, comfortable ride, the Pearl Izumi EM Road N1 is definitely worth a look.