The result that may be of most interest in light of the great footwear debate of the past few years is the fact that when they controlled for the various differences between the groups, there was no difference in injury risk between the soldiers wearing the traditional shoes and those wearing minimalist footwear.This result will be likely spinned in one of two ways depending on the bias of those reporting it.Minimalist skeptics will say: These results show that the minimalist advocates are full of it, and minimalist shoes are no cure-all. They would be right (at least regarding the second part).Minimalist advocates will say: These results show that all of the cushioning Adidas Superstar Mujer and “technology” jammed into traditional running shoes provides no benefit over a simpler, more minimal pair of shoes when it comes Nike Air Max 1 Hombre to injury prevention. The marketing hype is a bunch of bunk. They would also be right.Here’s what I would say if these results hold and the study Nike Air Max 270 Hombre gets vetted and published:Those saying that minimal shoes are too dangerous have no leg to stand on. They don’t appear to be any more dangerous than traditional shoes. Those touting minimalist shoes as the one and only way are also wrong. Soldiers wearing them got hurt at rates equal to those in traditional shoes, and some people appear to do just fine in traditional shoes. It would be nice to see a similar study focused solely on runners, but I’m pretty sure this is the biggest study we have on the subject so far, and soldiers presumably do a fair amount of running (if I’m wrong, feel free to correct me).
What I keep coming back to is that each runner is an individual, and their needs must Nike Air Max 90 Mujer be considered on an individual level. Some will do well in traditional shoes, some will do well in minimal shoes. People will get hurt in both. Adidas NMD Womens The challenge is figuring out what type of shoe will most benefit each individual – this is where knowledgeable coaches, therapists, running store employees, etc. are so valuable. They handle the n=1, and for the runner in pain, that’s all that matters.The best thing to come out of the minimalist movement was a better selection of shoes. The worst part was so-called experts interpreting studies however they saw fit (I’ve probably been guilty of this in the past to some extent too, though I have been making an honest effort to be more cognizant of “good” versus “bad” science and how I analyze research). So I’m really glad to see you preempt some of that in this post (and many of your other posts Adidas Superstar Womens on research) and look at it pretty objectively. Guess that’s one of the upsides to your background in scientific academia!I’m assuming Adidas Superstar Womens this was a retrospective study where the shoes were self-selected? (Just my guess based on them saying they collected injury data from the past 24 months). There’s part of me that wonders who had what type of running background, and whether anyone changed shoes during those 24 months, and whether things like worn out shoes and whatnot were accounted for, but with a sample size that big, I figure things like that become less important, and outliers for whatever reason don’t skew the data as much. (Plus not being able to control for that is all part of retrospective studies). Really, the big thing that’s standing out to me is that everyone in a sample of people was given a similar training load (I’m Adidas NMD Womens assuming this is how the military is operating anyway), and some people were able to adapt to it at the rate it was given and others were Nike Air Presto Hombre not, regardless of their footwear.