Vibrations are very real, google muscle tuning and you may find some info about it. I think with lower back issues you want to attempt to attenuate shock as much as possible before it reaches the level of the lower back. A shoe Nike Air Max 90 Donne with good shock absorbing qualities is one option, stride modification Nike Air Max 2017 Femme is another. Short strides with a forefoot strike might help in this Nike Air Max Command Donne case. As Sam suggests, something like the Hokas could also be worth a shot. There needs to be a a lab that can test the shoes in a way more like the way real running works. For example, a machine that simulates a stride and landing, measures the forces on the landing, and the exact amount of energy (wattage) it takes for the next stride. That way you could see if the energy returned by the shoe is more or less than other shoes.It intrigues me because when you look at something like the Air-Trekker, it does seem that it returns more energy and let’s people run faster because of it. So, while that’s an extreme end of the spectrum, maybe there is a little bit of that principle in the BoostWhy so Nike Air Max 2016 Donne many blogs posts about such a trivial advance? I know it’s the  overblown marketing that is the key problem. I 1% improvement in economy is Nike Air Huarache Femme interesting but pretty small, as you say a lighter shoe can do then same. Also the study about the effect of getting used to running in Vibrams showed a larger improvement than 1% too, so again one can view how feeble the Boost is compared to other things you can do to improve efficiency.Of course Addidas could create a minimal light weight shoe using their new mid-sole and provide all the benefits of better form, lighter weight and more efficiency mid-sole, and perhaps one day they will get serious about creating an efficient shoe than spending the majority their budget on over hyped marketing.To get a perspective on how dumb arse all this hype about running shoe innovation is go have a look at this article on quadrocopters juggling a upturned pendulumI Nike Air Max 90 Homme Noir don’t really understand the part of this article that dismisses a 1% Nike Air Max 270 Femme increase in economy as being only for those attempting a world record. Now, I appreciate marketing mumbo-jumbo and all that and so I agree we should be sceptical about the claim but that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening here. The article suggests the claim, even if true, isn’t worth investing in shoes over. If the claim is in fact true, and these shoes do magically offer a 1% increase in running economy over similar shoes then that’s pretty great but the general tone of the article seems to be a 1% increase isn’t anything to even consider. Don’t know about you guys but I’d take anything that improves running economy. Nobody will expect a shoe to come out that suddenly gives you a 10% boost? So, yeah, take the claims with a pinch of salt but don’t dismiss it Nike Air Max 90 Womens out of hand because the percentage gain is seemingly pretty small.The Nike Dunk SB Low Donne concept of waiting for the market to accept or reject after purchase and use is flawed…, the placebo effect, and the ingrained need humans have to justify purchases is too strong to overcome a negligible increase in efficiency. Tell someone this sugar pill will make them feel better, and they will be surprisingly healthy after taking it. I can imagine that it ‘might’ have more energy return than EVA, but is it at a cost of shock attenuation? I know when I bounce on a trampoline, my back hurts. When I do box jumps without shoes,