So to conclude, the On Cloudracers are a decent shoe, and what I thought would be a gimmicky technology does seem to work pretty well with a pronounced heel-striking gait. However, they are rather heavy for a racing/speed shoe and they’re pretty expensive for a shoe that the manufacturer claims will only get you through 4-5 marathons worth of mileage.I would expect these effects to be most prominent on heel strikers that land with there foot sill moving  forward. For runners which land with their foot still moving forward then item 2 disappears.For runners that land flat footed, mid foot or forefoot then item 3 will be totally irrelevant. As you found ??For the downsides, well there is the weight, this is going to increase the cost of recovering the foot from toe off to landing, so runners are likely to run with a lower cadence, longer stride length and longer time on stance. The runner will be less efficient than they would be with a lighter shoe.Where the claimed improved efficiency might come from… my guess it’s the conditions of the tests done and what Nike Air Max 97 Womens they were comparing against rather anything from the shoe. The only area where I think there might be an improvement is that if you are a heavy heel striker and use the shin muscles significantly then loading them less will Nike Roshe Run Mujer result in less energy used in activating them on loading.For a runner who has a healthy gait I would expect the pods to offer no advantages. For the a runner with a unhealthy gait (heavy heel strike) and used to running in heavy shoes it may help elevate some of the side effects of the problems in the gait.Personally I think a low and undercut heel is a much simpler solution to reducing the side effects of a heavy heel strike in terms of moment about the heel. Cutting away material rather adding material will also reduce weight which provides other benefits to the overall gait in terms of cadence and stride Nike Dunk SB Low Donne length.The article looks like a classic case of ad discussed as anindependent article, either that of the author has serious lack of critical thinking. When Ms. Steffan improves her marathon time by 7 minutes it’s down to the Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose shoe not the 20% extra mileage she’s done in training…As for the foot slap, this is a sign that bending moment about the ankle significantly exceeds the opposing moment generated by the shin muscles. The rapid eccentric loading of the shin muscles just makes me wince, no wonder why shin splints is so common in heel strikers. Cutting down this moment has to be a good thing.However, while making life for a heel striker more bearable might be one solution it’s one that doesn’t encourage one to migrate to a better foot orientation on landing. If you use the foot as it evolved to be used when running you don’t Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink need all this fancy crap on the shoe to compensate for heel striking and instead you can have a lighter and more responsive shoe.Bought the cloudsurfer a few months back and totaled about 440 miles including several marathons. Nike Air Huarache Womens The shoes are at a point where one of the cloud pods is about to wear through so I am looking for new shoes. I am contemplating getting the cloud racer. My experience with the surfer model (which should apply to the racer) has been positive. My previous shoes were mostly from Nike. The ON shoes are better ventilated and the “clouds” seem to offer better damping and got rid of shin splints, calf soreness and black toes I usually get with other brands. They are reasonably light weight. The thicker heal pods saved me a few times on steep downhills. They did not get in the way when running sub 6 pace mid-foot. Acheter UGG Bottes
Only issue was when I ran Paris on cobblestones. My forefoot was sore the second half. I certainly would consider buying them again provided I don’t get bored with them. By the way, the price is all inclusive (tax and s/h). They arrived at my doorstep two days after ordering them. The surfer model seems to have gone up in price by $10. I think its a bit steep for those shoes.